Terms and Conditions

At Our Field

- We have everything you need for tulip picking! It is not necessary to bring your own picking devices, as tulips are pulled straight from the ground. Baskets are provided, as well as a wrapping station to wrap your tulips before you leave the field!

- Aggression towards staff or other customers will not be tolerated. Our field is a fun, safe location and we ask that everybody be respectful and kind to others so that we can all enjoy the experience.

- We have an assortment of picnic tables, swings, and other decor to be enjoyed by all cusomers! These are great for resting, or taking photos!

- Please do not pick more tulips than you are entitled to. Leaving extra tulips laying behind only hurts the experience for others and reduces what we have to offer. If you notice tulips laying around that have been picked and left, we ask that you bring them to staff and let us know. This helps us keep our field clean for others!

- Accessability has been a large priority to us during the layout design of our field. We have wide rows that should allow for the use of strollers, wheelchairs etc. however, the use of all of these are up to the discretion of the customer. We are more than happy to help assist anybody with mobility issues in whatever way possible.

- We are open rain or shine during our business hours!

- If you are looking to book a commercial photo session in our field, you can reach out via email and we can provide you with the contact information of some incredible local photographers!

- There is no time limit on your stay. Hang out as long as you would like and enjoy the beautiful tulips.

Commercial Photographers

- Commercial photographers are expected to reach out to us before booking sessions in our field. We will only be allowing ONE commercial photographer to use the field at a time to ensure quality. Rates begin at $30/hr for sessions during business hours.

- Sessions before or after our offical business hours are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

- Just like any other customer, all members of the photo shoot must have a ticket to enter the field. These should be purchased by the photographer holding the session.


- We ask that tickets be pre-purchased via our website before showing up to the field. We accept on-site payments, but for your own convience we reccomend purchasing online.

- Your order receipt is your ticket into the field! Be sure to save the email receipt. When arriving. Please show the receipt to our staff and they will admit you into the field!

- If you are unsure of, or experience any issues purchasing tickets online, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help!

- Children under the age of 10 are granted free entry into our field when accompanied by an adult.

- Tickets are non-refundable and refunds are at our own discretion.


- We welcome well-behaved pets ON-LEASH at all times. If there are conflicts or incidents with any pets, you may be asked to leave the field. Owners are responsible to remove any droppoings left on the field.


- Parking is in a farm field, and the ciondition of it is subject to weather. On rainy days, it could get muddy.

- We will have directional signage up. Please obey and follow this as best as possible to ensure efficiency and order.

- Ground clearance is relatively low. Please go slowly to ensure the safety of your vehicle and others.

- Parking is at your own risk.